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People who do this more likely to face tax audits

Most people in Connecticut will never be audited. In 2019, only .45% of all taxpayers, nationally, faced tax audits. The Internal Revenue Service simply lacks the resources to go over every single taxpayer's tax returns in detail. However, people who do this one thing are more likely to be audited, and that one thing is: make a lot of money.

Why tax evasion is such a big deal?

No one in Connecticut or elsewhere wants to have to pay more in taxes than he or she has to. People do not want to feel that they are the only ones paying their fair share, so they look for ways to minimize their tax obligations. Unfortunately, in doing so, some end up being accused of tax evasion. The consequences if one is convicted can be quite severe.

Beware tax scams this time of year

January is quickly coming to a close, and many Connecticut residents are gathering all the necessary paperwork they need to get their taxes filed. While they are doing their part as tax season gets underway, so are scammers. More tax scams than usual pop up between now and mid-April than any other time of year.

Don't expect an IRS agent at your door if you're being audited

Like most Connecticut residents, you probably never expect the IRS to audit you. You file your taxes on time, try to follow the rules and arrange to pay what you owe, if anything. More than likely, you will go your whole life without facing a tax audit, but then again, your luck could turn.

IRS unable to keep up with taxpayers

Thanks to a lack of funding, the Internal Revenue Service has been falling short on its duties. The IRS has been expected to operate with the fewest number of employees possible, and its agents have been unable to keep up with taxpayers. How has this been hurting Connecticut residents?

New year, new sales tax laws

It's a new year, and that means the state of Connecticut has new laws that have gone into effect. For instance, changes were made to sales tax laws. These adjustments could hurt some people if they fail to pay or collect sales tax properly. What are these changes?

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