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When can the IRS place tax liens on property?

This year, a number of Connecticut residents found themselves facing tax bills that they could not afford to pay. Since the deadline to file and pay taxes has come and gone, those who failed to apply for extensions probably have a lot of concerns about what the government can do to them if their tax bills do not get paid in the coming months. The simple truth is, if taxes never get paid, the Internal Revenue Service has the right to place tax liens on personal property.

Is it true that few people committing tax crimes go to jail?

Taxes -- no one likes them, but just about everyone is subject to them. There are millions of Americans, though, some likely residing here in Connecticut, who are failing to pay taxes either in full or at all. In fact, they are accused of finding ways to cheat the system in order to benefit themselves. Tax crimes are serious, but a recently released article suggests that fewer people committing tax crimes actually end up going to jail. Is that true?

Don't let tax debt bring you down

Every year, there are those in Connecticut who, come tax season, learn that they owe the Internal Revenue Service a significant chunk of change. If they cannot pay it, some may choose to let it slide -- which can have significant consequences and ultimately end up increasing their tax debt. The best thing to do when unable to pay taxes is to make a plan of attack and stick to it.

How to get through a sales tax audit

Connecticut residents who have to collect taxes on items that they sell may find tax season a bit of a nightmare. Sales tax rules can be complicated and are often changing. This means that, despite one's best efforts, one might be picked for an audit at some point. Here are some things that can help one through a sales tax audit.

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