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February 2019 Archives

Tax evasion defense part II: Insufficient evidence

Accusations of evading taxes are serious and should not be taken lightly by Connecticut residents who find themselves in the state's or Internal Revenue Service's line of fire. In a previously written article, this column discussed one of several defense options available when dealing with tax evasion charges. Today, that discussion is continued with yet another defense option: insufficient evidence.

Is this year's tax bill overwhelming?

You may be among the many in Connecticut and across the country who hoped the recent changes in the tax law would benefit you. If you count on a refund for bills, vacation or to stash away as savings, you may have wondered if the new tax laws would give your refund a little bump. On the other hand, after years of getting nothing back from the IRS, you may have expected to get even a small refund.

Are sales tax changes coming to Connecticut?

Lawmakers in Connecticut are trying to decide if they should increase taxes on certain products that are for sale in the state. Sales tax laws are frequently changing, so this is not an out-of-the-blue thing. It is something that business owners and residents need to follow, though, because if changes are made, they need to adjust how much they collect or pay on these items.

Connecticut tax evasion defense part I: Mistake or ignorance

The federal and state governments take taxes very seriously. If you do not pay what you owe on time, you may be accused of tax evasion. Such an accusation is not something to take lightly, as a criminal conviction on a tax evasion charge can have significant consequences. This column will discuss various defense options available to Connecticut residents who are facing tax evasion charges.

Connecticut residents who wish to appeal tax audits may do so

No one wants to get picked for a tax audit, but it happens. The Internal Revenue Service not only looks for red flags on tax forms that would warrant tax audits, but it also randomly selects Connecticut residents to put through the wringer every year, just because they can. When an audit is complete, some people may feel that they have to live with the results, but the truth is, it may be possible to fight the results by filing an appeal.

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