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December 2015 Archives

As 2015 draws to a close, are you tax-ready?

This week signals the end of 2015 and start to a new year. For business owners, and individuals alike, this time of year is often dominated by planning and making resolutions for the upcoming year. While taxes and tax planning may not even be on your radar, it’s important to consider and plan for certain tax-related matters today. Doing so can prove to be beneficial come April as well as for months or years to come.

IRS given power to revoke passports of delinquent taxpayers

In addition to costly fines and penalties and the threat of possible time behind bars, the Internal Revenue Service just gave taxpayers another motivating reason to pay their taxes one time. Earlier this month, members of the U.S. Congress passed a major highway and transportation bill known as the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act or FAST Act.

Tax preparers and taxpayers responsible for ensuring tax return is accurate

Many small business owners and individual taxpayers rely upon the advice and assistance of independent tax preparers. In recent years, the Internal Revenue Service has taken steps to regulate the tax preparer industry and now requires that all independent tax preparers obtain preparer tax identification numbers from the agency.

For those feeling charitable, the IRS has rules about deducting donations

Tax-savvy individuals and business often seek out legitimate ways to reduce their tax liabilities. One of most common and effective ways to decrease the amount of money you'll be forced to shell out to Uncle Sam is to take advantage of year-end gifts to charity. It's important to note, however, that when it comes to charitable deductions, the Internal Revenue Service has specific requirements that must be met and followed.

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