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May 2016 Archives

What are some of a taxpayer's rights during an IRS audit?

Regardless of one’s political preferences, it’s hard to escape media coverage of the presidential candidates. A recent hullabaloo involves Donald Trump’s refusal to discuss certain of his income tax returns that may be the subject of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Right or wrong, Trump’s action warrants a discussion of an individual taxpayer’s rights when it comes to an IRS audit.

What are a taxpayer's procedural rights against an IRS tax lien?

If you receive correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service about an alleged tax deficiency, it is important to understand your options. There are certain procedural protections afforded to a taxpayer, and an attorney that focuses on tax law can help individuals communicate with the IRS along each step of the way.

How doing what you love may land you in hot water with the IRS

Everyone has personal interests and in some cases, an individual may be lucky enough to turn a passion or interest into a full-time job. From photography and pottery making to breeding dogs or horses, some industrious entrepreneurs are determined to turn their hobbies and pastimes into profitable ventures. 

How IRS budget cuts affect U.S. taxpayers

While the Internal Revenue Service has long been reviled by U.S. taxpayers, historically, the agency has largely been viewed favorably by, or at least tolerated among, those within Washington. Within the last decade, however, the IRS has been the target of much hatred and blame by many republicans.

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