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April 2015 Archives

Are you dealing with an IRS tax lien?

They say there are two certainties in life—death and taxes and, when it comes to the latter, one can be certain that the Internal Revenue Service will notice if taxes aren't filed or paid. When dealing with tax debt or a disputed tax bill, it's wise to address the matter promptly. Failure to do so can result in the IRS imposing additional fines and penalties including a federal tax lien.

Employers must take care to properly designate workers

Business owners small and big alike must often rely upon the assistance and services of others to complete work-related tasks and assignments. Business owners must not only attempt to find an individual who possesses the necessary skills and experience, but they must also take care to ensure that the individual hired is properly designated.

The IRS, tax audits and you

Many Americans are worried about their tax return being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. While many of us are fearful of the audit process, what are the chances of you actually getting audited? Not likely, according to the IRS. 

It's April 16, did you file your tax return?

It's April 16 and the Internal Revenue Service’s deadline to file income tax returns has officially passed. Today, individuals who procrastinated and filed at the eleventh hour, are likely filled with a sense of relief and satisfaction in knowing they made the dreaded deadline and don't have to deal with taxes for another 12 months. However, individuals who missed the tax deadline are likely experiencing feelings of uneasiness and dread.

Should the IRS play a bigger role in the tax return process?

Thinking about filing a tax return gives most people a major headache. First you have to collect the right documents from your employer and others. Then you have to figure out which deductions you can claim and which numbers to put on which lines to come up with a final answer of how much you owe or how much you should expect to get back.

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