IRS unable to keep up with taxpayers

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2020 | Income Tax

Thanks to a lack of funding, the Internal Revenue Service has been falling short on its duties. The IRS has been expected to operate with the fewest number of employees possible, and its agents have been unable to keep up with taxpayers. How has this been hurting Connecticut residents?

According to a report from the Office of Taxpayer Advocate, in 2019, the IRS only answered about 29% of incoming phone calls, it failed to send refunds in a timely manner, and it neglected to collect billions in taxes. This means that people have been forced to wait on returns that they may desperately need. It also means that numerous individuals have not been getting the help they need with filing their taxes; and many of those facing severe tax issues have been unable to resolve those issues — meaning their tax burdens have only continued to get worse.

Are things at the IRS going to improve anytime soon? It does not seem likely. With a lack of resources, IRS agents just cannot keep up. An increase in funding is not expected anytime soon.

Why are taxpayers being forced to suffer because this federal agency is being denied the funds it requires to perform its duties? They shouldn’t be. Taxpayers in Connecticut who have found themselves struggling to work out their tax issues with the IRS may find more luck doing so if they seek out the right assistance. An experienced tax attorney may be better equipped to get through to the IRS and get answers for the client.