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Have questions about estate taxes?

Tax laws in Connecticut can be difficult to understand. Tax law is complex and is often changing. Laws regarding estate taxes, for example, are prone to change and do not always make sense. If you have questions about estate taxes, a good person to talk to in order to get answers would be an experienced tax law attorney.

Tax evasion defense conclusion: Intentional conduct

Over the past several weeks, this column has discussed various defense strategies that may be available to Connecticut residents who are accused of evading taxes. This week, to close out the series on this subject, one more tax evasion defense strategy will be shared. The final defense available has to do with intentional conduct.

Installment agreements possible when you cannot pay your taxes

In light of the tax changes that took effect in 2018, are you finding that you owe the government a significant sum this year? If you are, you are not alone. Many Connecticut residents have been shocked to see that, instead of receiving tax refunds, they owe a lot. If you cannot afford to pay what you owe in taxes by mid-April, do not fret; the Internal Revenue Service is likely willing to work with you on this.

Tax evasion defense part III: Statute of limitations expired

As stated in two recently published posts for this column, evading taxes is a crime with serious consequences for Connecticut residents. Of course, it is necessary for the Internal Revenue Service to provide evidence that one has actually committed the crime and any audit requests and charges brought against the accused have to be filed in a specific time frame. In a continuation of the tax evasion defense series, the statute of limitations will now be discussed.

Passport access denied for those with tax debt

Numerous Connecticut residents depend on passports for their travel needs. Unfortunately, individuals with tax debt may find that they are unable to obtain passports until they start paying the Internal Revenue Service. Depending on one's financial situation, that may not be easy to do, but with help, an affordable payoff plan may be achievable.

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