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Did you know there's a Taxpayer Bill of Rights?

In the United States, there is a long tradition and strong belief in promoting and protecting the rights of individual citizens. Provisions related to these protections are included in important documents like the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights which provide the basis for many of today's laws, lawsuits and civil and criminal defenses. However, until very recently, individual U.S. citizens were largely at the mercy of and expected to abide by the terms dictated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Taxpayers biggest losers in IRS budget cuts

When most Connecticut residents think about what the phrase good customer service means words like available, helpful, friendly and accommodating may come to mind. For most taxpayers, these types of adjectives and the phrase good customer service likely do not come to mind when thinking about the Internal Revenue Service. More often, words like unhelpful, rude, uncooperative and obstinate spring to mind when discussing the IRS and the agency's take on customer service.

IRS assets exempt from IRS liens and levies

In previous blog posts we've discussed IRS tax levies and liens. To review, in cases where a taxpayer owes the IRS money, the agency can put a lien on a taxpayer's property to ensure that any proceeds from the sale of the property can be seized by the IRS in an effort to repay back taxes. If the IRS imposes a tax levy, the agency can garnish assets held in bank accounts and from an individual's wages to recoup unpaid tax debt.

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