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Tax audits do not have to be faced alone

You do everything you can to make sure your tax filing is on the up and up. You take your time, make sure everything you submit is correct -- at least to the best of your knowledge. You may even hire someone to help you. Despite your best efforts, you received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service or the state, saying you are being audited. Before you start to panic, remember that tax audits are not something Connecticut residents have to face alone.

When tax liens are filed on businesses

When Connecticut residents fail to pay their taxes, the government can do a number of things in order to collect the money owed. One of those things is placing a tax lien on one's home or other property. What if someone fails to pay business-related taxes? Yes, tax liens can also be filed on one's business.

Be sure to declare all taxable income in your tax filing

Wanting to reduce one's tax liability is normal. Most Connecticut residents take steps to do it. No one wants to see the government get more in taxes than it should. However, the steps one takes to limit his or her tax liability can cause problems if one is not careful. For instance, failing to declare all taxable income could have significant criminal and/or financial consequences if the Internal Revenue Service figures it out.

Don't overlook the tax issues in your divorce

If you are preparing to divorce, you may be dealing with many confusing changes. It is possible that your entire routine will be different because of custody schedules. Your living arrangement will potentially change dramatically, and you may be figuring out how to managing the new reality of a single-income household.

Does it look like you'll owe the IRS more than you can pay?

While the year 2020 may still be in its early stages, tax season will be here in the blink of an eye. Many Connecticut residents are already fast at work getting their taxes completed, and some are finding that they owe the Internal Revenue Service more than they can possibly afford to pay all at once. Thankfully, if you are in this boat, you do have a variety of payment options that you can utilize to ensure you stay on the IRS' good side.

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