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Homeowners have options when dealing with tax liens

When Connecticut residents do not or are unable to meet their tax obligations, the Internal Revenue Service is not going to take the matter lying down. Placing tax liens on homes is a way for the IRS to ensure it gets paid, eventually. When tax liens are put in place, homeowners may feel they have few options, but that simply is not true.

Tax audits are not necessarily a bad thing

The word audit can strike fear into the hearts and minds of just about anyone. No one wants to get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service saying they are being audited. The simple truth of the matter is, tax audits are not necessarily a bad thing, and Connecticut residents who find their taxes being picked apart by the IRS may not have anything to worry about.

Sales tax issues hitting online sellers

A small business owner in another state -- who focuses on selling products online through Amazon -- recently received a tax bill that has turned his whole world upside down. He supposedly owes roughly $1.6 million in sales tax to the state of California because his product was stored at a facility there. He is currently fighting the matter, as he claims the storage location of his items was not made known to him, so it is unclear how his story will end. His experience, though, can serve as a cautionary tale for Connecticut residents who are also online sellers.

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