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June 2016 Archives

Don’t show your hand too early in IRS dealings

Settlement negotiations are a cornerstone of the American legal system. In fact, one doesn’t have to be in court proceedings to benefit from this type of advocacy. When responding to administrative actions from the Internal Revenue Service, a taxpayer could benefit from the negotiating skills of an attorney that focuses on tax law.

How tax fraud and tax negligence differ, and what they mean

If you were to hear the two phrases "tax negligence" and "tax fraud" you would probably be inclined to think that they are the same thing. They both sound serious and they both deal with taxpayers who haven't fulfilled their tax obligations with the IRS, at least according to the IRS. But even though they are relatively similar, the differences are crucial enough that they deserve an explanation.

When might a tax issue escalate into asset forfeiture?

Could a tax mistake land you in an asset forfeiture situation? Usually not without a few intervening communications from the Internal Revenue Service, although an exception exists for suspected criminal tax activities. The IRS has powerful collection tools at its disposal, and today’s post takes a closer look at forfeiture.

Facing criticism, IRS alters civil asset forfeiture policies - II

In our last post, we began discussing how the Internal Revenue Service recently announced that it would be revising its civil asset forfeiture policies going forward in response to growing public criticism and pressure from influential members of Congress.

Facing criticism, IRS alters civil asset forfeiture policies

While the notion of law enforcement officials taking your property simply because they believe it might be connected to criminal activity and then failing to return it despite your innocence may sound both ludicrous and unconstitutional, it's actually all too real and perfectly legal.

Prompt action important after missing a tax filing deadline

There are certain things that may tempt a person into inaction after missing filing their tax returns. Fear of the Internal Revenue Service and a desire to not have to deal with the agency could potentially lead a person to decide to ignore the problem and just hope it goes away on its own. Or, a misconception that failing to file a tax return doesn’t have much in consequences could lead a person to think that taking action isn’t that important.

Proceed cautiously when collecting short-term rental income

It wasn't all that long ago that people looking to earn a supplemental income would simply search the want ads until they found a few promising leads for part-time work. While many still rely on this time-tested method, still others are harnessing the power of technology to help them make ends meet, taking part in ridesharing programs, picking up web-based employment and, most recently, utilizing online rental hubs.

Is the IRS getting slapdash with federal tax lien filings?

As we discussed in a recent post, the IRS is bound by certain notice procedures regarding a federal tax lien. Before the Notice of Federal Tax Lien is filed, the IRS typically must assess the liability, send a Notice and Demand for Payment, and allow the taxpayer 10 days to pay the disputed amount.

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