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March 2018 Archives

Are your workers properly classified?

As a Connecticut business owner, one of the surest ways to find trouble with the IRS is through mistakes in payroll deductions. Laws regarding the deduction and payment of taxes from employee paychecks is complicated and easy to misinterpret. However, some employers may misclassify their employees, which leaves workers without benefits and opens business owners to legal trouble.

Better to pay income tax over time than not at all

Numerous Connecticut residents find themselves in the position of owing far more in taxes than they can actually afford. When this happens, they may feel overwhelmed and just opt to wait to pay their income tax when they have all the money on hand to do so. This is not something that will sit well with the IRS and can cause some serious legal problems for those who take this route.

Connecticut man accused of tax evasion pleads guilty

Business owners will do what they can to limit their tax liability. In doing so, some may make mistakes that could cost them dearly in the end. Recently, the owner of Pasquale Furano Landscaping -- a 48-year-old male -- recently opted to enter a guilty plea rather than be indicted for tax evasion.

Those facing tax audits may want an attorney in their corner

Those who seek professional help during tax season may believe that their tax preparer is the only person they will need to turn to in the event of an audit. While it is the tax preparer's job to defend whatever he or she did, resulting in the audit, there may be reason to seek the assistance of an experienced tax attorney. Here are a couple reasons why Connecticut residents -- particularly those who are dealing with business tax issues -- who are facing tax audits may want to think about seeking help from legal counsel.

Connecticut residents facing tax audits can seek help

Every year, you've completed your taxes to your best ability. You've either taken on the role of tax preparer yourself or you turned to a trusted individual to get everything filed for you. Your returns were accepted with no problem, and you paid or received a refund as expected. Then it happens -- you receive notice that you are being audited for a tax return submitted two years ago. You and other Connecticut residents like you who are facing tax audits can seek help to get through it unscathed.

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