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February 2015 Archives

ACA healthcare document mistakes benefit many early tax filers

When the Affordable Care Act (aka "Obamacare") was fully rolled out, people knew that it would likely make filing tax returns more complicated. What they weren't counting on was complications due to widespread errors. Yet it was recently reported that about 800,000 Americans who obtained insurance coverage through the federal exchange were sent incorrect statements about their coverage from 2014.

IRS may be accepting more offers in compromise than in the past

There was a time when "haggling" was considered a legitimate strategy in most transactions. These days, big-box retailers and grocery stores are not really willing to listen to customers trying to pay less than the advertised price. Haggling is now pretty much limited to car dealerships and certain hotels.

One business sees return of money seized in civil asset forfeiture

In October of 2014, we wrote about a controversial practice that the Internal Revenue Service and certain other government agencies have been employing for years. A process called civil asset forfeiture allows the IRS to confiscate the entire balance of bank accounts and seize other assets of businesses engaging in "suspicious" transaction activity. The transactions that raise red flags are sometimes as simple as making numerous cash deposits of less than $10,000.

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