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March 2016 Archives

Why some married individuals may opt to file separately from a spouse

When many couples marry, they choose to include the phrases "for better or worse" and "for richer or poorer" in their wedding vows. Spouses who subsequently file joint tax returns often come to understand the full meaning of these promises as they are 100 percent liable for a spouse's tax triumphs, mistakes and even crimes.

Business owners advised to brush up on new 1095 filing requirements

With this year's April 18 tax filing deadline looming in the not-so-distant future, individual taxpayers and business owners alike are advised to stop procrastinating and take action to ensure that their necessary tax documents are in order. While many parts of the U.S. tax code may seem archaic, from time to time, the Internal Revenue Service does like to make surprise adjustments and rule changes which can result in unsuspecting business owners being penalized.

Are you taking full advantage of tax deductions?

When it comes to taxes, most Americans are actively seeking ways to reduce the amount they pay. While it's virtually impossible, not to mention illegal, for a working individual to completely avoid paying taxes; there are ways to reduce tax burdens. Some of the most effective tax savings strategies can be gleaned by examining the 2013 and 2014 tax returns of those taxpayers who reported earning $200,000 or more.

How participation in the shared economy affects taxes

In the U.S., there are signs that the traditional nine to five job may soon be a thing of the past. From ride-share and cleaning services to vacation rentals and delivery services, today these and a host of offerings are readily available to Americans at a reasonable cost via the so-called gig economy.

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