Passport access denied for those with tax debt

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Back Taxes or Tax Debt

Numerous Connecticut residents depend on passports for their travel needs. Unfortunately, individuals with tax debt may find that they are unable to obtain passports until they start paying the Internal Revenue Service. Depending on one’s financial situation, that may not be easy to do, but with help, an affordable payoff plan may be achievable.

According to reports, a law was signed in 2015 that allowed the government to deny citizens access to passports if they have significant tax debt — $52,000 or more. The IRS is required to report this level of tax debt to the State Department so that passport applications can be denied or held until a plan to tackle the debt has been approved and put into action. That may seem like an extreme measure to some, but the government felt it was necessary to get people to meet their tax obligations.

Those who cannot pay their tax debt do have options. Believe it or not, the IRS is willing to work with those who are wanting to take steps to pay their taxes. The government understands that some people need help.

Connecticut residents who have significant tax debt can help themselves by seeking counsel on how to address their situations. Taking away access to passports is just one small way that the government can hurt those who fail to pay taxes, either in full or on time. Things can go downhill quickly if this is something that is allowed to let go for too long. So, tackle the issue early on and with the assistance of legal counsel in order to ensure achieving the best possible relief deal.