Those facing tax audits may want an attorney in their corner

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Tax Audits

Those who seek professional help during tax season may believe that their tax preparer is the only person they will need to turn to in the event of an audit. While it is the tax preparer’s job to defend whatever he or she did, resulting in the audit, there may be reason to seek the assistance of an experienced tax attorney. Here are a couple reasons why Connecticut residents — particularly those who are dealing with business tax issues — who are facing tax audits may want to think about seeking help from legal counsel.

The number one reason to seek out a tax law attorney is time. One won’t have forever to figure out what went wrong, how to defend oneself and what to if the audit does not bode well in one’s favor. Legal counsel can help one do everything possible to prepare for the audit process in the short time frame given, to have everything submitted for review and fight for a fair outcome.

The number-two reason to seek out a tax law attorney is the inability to claim ignorance. Tax law can be incredibly complex, but an attorney can break it all down so it is easier to understand. The IRS will not accept the “I didn’t know” response.

Tax audits can be intimidating. They do not have to be, though. With an experienced tax law attorney working with one’s best interests at heart, Connecticut residents who find themselves facing questions from the IRS can do everything possible to seek the best possible outcome.

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