Global financial crimes case spotlights criminal tax fraud

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2016 | Tax Crimes

The media has a penchant for giving scandals and controversies catchy, memorable tags.

The so-called “Panama Papers” is certainly recent confirmation of that.

We suspect that most of our readers in Connecticut and elsewhere know a thing or two about those papers after approximately a week now of being subjected to a virtual onslaught of front-page coverage regarding them and the explosive details they contain regarding financial and tax fraud.

One recent media account refers to the “massive data leak” and resulting “treasure trove of documents” that is now available for close scrutiny by interested parties.

Here’s a rhetorical query: Do you think the Internal Revenue Service might have more than a passing interest in what the voluminous output of material leaked from a Panamanian law firm might reveal about high-rolling individuals allegedly seeking to evade their legal payment responsibilities through acts of tax evasion and fraud?

We submit that it might. In fact, it is likely that IRS special agents are scanning documents at this very moment. The above media report indicates that the names of many Americans have surfaced in the data, with reference being made to some individuals who have previously been convicted on tax evasion charges.

We note on a page of our website at the Baker Law Firm, P.C., discussing the IRS and criminal tax fraud the heavy consequences that can attach to any individual who is targeted for investigation by government tax authorities.

And we believe that it is eminently reasonable to counsel any such person to timely enlist the aid of a proven tax attorney commanding a deep well of experience representing clients in matters involving the IRS.

As our site points out, it is the legal right of every person interacting with the IRS on a criminal matter to have legal counsel present.

We appreciate readers’ scrutiny of our blog, and welcome questions regarding IRS criminal investigations and all other matters relating to tax concerns and considerations.