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Settling tax debt with an offer in compromise

Tax debt can add up quickly, and when it does, getting up to speed with the IRS may seem like an impossibility. Taxpayers, to be sure, are not necessarily required to pay all their tax debt back immediately. There is the possibility of paying the debt back on a monthly basis through an installment agreement.

Own a small business? Consider seeking help from a tax attorney

As we wrote in last week’s post, the IRS and financial professionals have warned that this year could be especially problematic when it comes to filing tax returns. In short, the Internal Revenue Service is under-funded and under-staffed, yet its workload keeps increasing. If you have tax questions for IRS employees this year, contacting someone may take significantly longer, and there is no guarantee that you will actually get someone on the phone.

Making sure your IRS financial issues do not become criminal ones

Last week, we discussed three relief or deferment options that may be available if you owe taxes to the Internal Revenue Service and cannot afford to pay. These include installment agreements, offers in compromise and hardship suspensions.

Can't afford to pay your taxes? Some options may be available

No one likes owing money, and we all have different ways of dealing with it (or avoiding dealing with it). While certain debts can be ignored (whether or not they should be), tax debts cannot. The Internal Revenue Service has a number of serious enforcement options, which means that your best bet is usually to work with the IRS to settle your tax issue.

Tax court judge rules in favor of artist accused of underpaying IRS

Many Americans dream of being an artist – a painter, an actor, a musician, a poet or any other medium that allows for creative expression. The problem with this career path, however, is that few artists are successful enough to make a profit, much less a living.

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