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Actions you take in filing your taxes that may get you audited

Whether you've attempted to do your own taxes online or have submitted a complex filing due to owning diverse assets, the risk of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit is real for everyone. This may lead you wondering what type information is most apt to get the IRS' attention.

Yes, you can offer a compromise to the IRS

Staying on top of paying taxes is not always a simple matter, especially for individuals who do not have their projected income taxes deducted from their paycheck automatically. In some cases, you may receive a bill from the IRS, at which point you should consider your next steps very carefully. If you can pay the owed amount and do not dispute the amount that the IRS claims you owe, it is simplest to pay it in full. However, many people cannot write a single check and pay off a tax bill. Fortunately, there are further options.

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