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IRS Rewards For Tax Whistleblowers

Section 7623 of the Internal Revenue Code provides rewards up to 30 percent of the amount that is ultimately collected by the IRS to persons who identify underpayments of tax. When the tax whistleblower makes a substantial contribution to the recovery of tax, penalties and interest, the minimum award, by law is 15 percent of the amount collected. The maximum of the award is 30 percent. There is no monetary cap on the award. For example, a whistleblower who reports a billion-dollar underpayment of tax could receive a reward payment of $3 million.

Do You Think You Are Owed A Whistleblower Informant Award?

If you believe you are entitled to the IRS rewards for tax whistleblowers, our tax attorney will carefully review your material and documentation and prepare and submit the requisite IRS Form 211 application. At the Baker Law Firm, P.C., located in Danbury, Connecticut, we have been helping people with this process since we opened our doors in 1976.

At the present time, the program is targeted at revealing large underpayments of tax. One of the more significant recent changes in the law is that now tax whistleblowers have a legal course of action they can take if they feel that the IRS has not been fair in determining their rewards. Our tax attorney is licensed to practice before the Tax Court. If our tax attorney is unsuccessful in getting the IRS to grant the reward you believe you are entitled to, he will undertake the most vigorous and persuasive appeal to the Tax Court.

Even if the submission is not large enough to qualify for the mandatory reward, the IRS has a discretionary program regarding rewards for detailed information leading to detection of underpayments of tax or detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of violating the internal revenue laws. There is no appeal of the IRS’s determination under this program. Our tax attorney will make the most persuasive argument to the IRS to grant a reward — in the largest amount possible.

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