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Tax Lawyers With Experience

Successful estate planning requires more than drafting a simple will or establishing a trust to distribute assets to your heirs. Even the smallest financial estates will benefit from an intelligent understanding of tax and probate laws. At the tax and probate law offices of the Baker Law Firm, P.C., senior attorney Fred L. Baker will help you establish your estate financial goals and provide experienced, intelligent legal advice about ways to minimize IRS and Connecticut death taxes. In the event your family estate is tied up in IRS tax litigation, we also provide effective, skillful representation that is focused on achieving legal outcomes that meet your goals. Connecticut tax lawyer Fred L. Baker has earned a master’s degree in taxation. For close to four years, he represented the IRS as a Trial Tax Attorney in New York City. Since 1976, he has earned recognition throughout the Danbury tax and probate law community as the attorney to trust when you need tax advice and probate law services you can count on to be successful.

For more information about our professional tax and probate law legal counsel, contact senior attorney Fred L. Baker at the Danbury tax court attorneys’ offices of the Baker Law Firm, P.C., to schedule an opportunity to discuss your tax or probate legal matter.

IRS, Tax Planning And Probate Tax Law

We handle cases involving:

  • Tax litigation
  • Tax disputes
  • Tax audits and tax payments
  • Offers in compromise
  • Individual and corporate entities tax legal counsel
  • Tax fraud representation
  • Estate planning
  • Estate administration and probate law
  • Estate taxation law
  • Tax planning
  • Buying and selling of businesses

To schedule an opportunity to meet with senior attorney Fred L. Baker about your IRS or probate law tax matters, contact the Danbury tax court lawyers’ offices of the Baker Law Firm, P.C., today.