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Other Tax Matters

Many people believe that tax matters only involve collection issues, audits and other penalty issues. While this does constitute a lot of the notices that the Connecticut tax authorities and the IRS send out, there are other tax issues that may arise where you should consult with a knowledgeable tax attorney concerning your rights and options.

Throughout Connecticut, people come to the Baker Law Firm, P.C., because we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests. This means keeping them advised of a broad spectrum of methods used to build investment potential, resolve complex tax issues and protect wealth.

Our Danbury, Connecticut, law firm can help you with a wide spectrum of complicated tax issues. We have been providing advice and comprehensive counsel since 1976. Our experience is complemented by our commitment to personal service and is geared toward the unique wants and needs of our clients.

Frank L. Baker is a Danbury taxation law attorney who can help you with:

     Divorce Related Tax Disputes
     Innocent Spouses
      Nonprofit Tax Issues
     Sales and Use Tax Issues
      Reduction of Tax Penalties and Interest
     Tax Free Like Kind Exchanges
      Dealing With Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
     Cigarette Tax
      Whistleblower Rewards     
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Experience Matters

Don’t delay in seeking help for a tax issue. The Baker Law Firm, P.C. is here to help individuals and businesses throughout Connecticut. Contact Danbury tax attorney Fred L. Baker at 203-648-4737 today to arrange a confidential consultation about your tax issues.