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Does the IRS pay closer attention to partnerships?

A majority of workers have federal, state and FICA taxes withheld from their paychecks. The withholding consists of the employee’s contributions and the employer’s matching share. For those who are self-employed or receive payments via a Form 1099, however, there are no withholdings. Instead, such professionals pay estimated taxes four times each year.

Negotiating an IRS settlement might become more difficult

One of the advantages of consulting with an attorney regarding an IRS tax controversy or dispute is the settlement angle. An attorney’s training in negotiating may prove useful in estimating the litigation hazards and providing a ballpark settlement figure that would be reasonable under the specific fact pattern.

Decision in federal tax refund lawsuit may prompt IRS reforms

Tax controversies that go to trial may result in favorable precedents, possibly even impacting IRS procedures. In a recent example, commentators question whether a federal tax refund lawsuit brought by Wells Fargo & Co. may spur other refund claim filings and/or reforms. The dispute involved the application of underpayments and overpayments from a business unit that Wells Fargo had acquired by merger.

Prompt action important after missing a tax filing deadline

There are certain things that may tempt a person into inaction after missing filing their tax returns. Fear of the Internal Revenue Service and a desire to not have to deal with the agency could potentially lead a person to decide to ignore the problem and just hope it goes away on its own. Or, a misconception that failing to file a tax return doesn’t have much in consequences could lead a person to think that taking action isn’t that important.

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