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Are you sure you shouldn't be paying payroll taxes?

As a business owner here in Connecticut, you may have people working for you. How you classify them determines whether you owe payroll taxes. If you improperly classify an employee as a contractor and fail to make payroll tax payments, you could end up on the IRS's radar. 

How can an attorney help in your tax dispute?

Tax litigation is a broad term, referring to a dispute with tax authorities at the federal, state, local or even foreign level. The term encompasses both civil and criminal tax matters. It is also the last resort for many taxpayers, utilized only after administrative appeals and settlement options have been exhausted.

What are a taxpayer's rights during an IRS controversy?

In our last post, we discussed a lawsuit brought against the IRS by two former corporate executives, claiming that questionable IRS tactics had cost them their job. A federal court ruled that the IRS, as an agency, was immune from claims of alleged deceit toward the two executives.

The difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit

For those who are Shakespeare historians, the phrase “beware the ides of March” continues to have significance. We hope that the middle of March came and went without any significant issues for our readers. However, for those still struggling to complete their federal income tax returns, it is the ides of April that may be cause for concern.

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