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Collection Due Process Appeals: Know Your Right To Appeal

You have the right to appeal any tax assessment, enforcement actions, such as wage garnishment, federal tax liens, levies, and property seizures, or the IRS’s rejection of an Offer in Compromise or installment agreement. The Collection Due Process (CDP) appeal is the taxpayer’s opportunity for an independent review to ensure that the action taken by the IRS is appropriate.

At the Baker Law Firm, P.C. in Danbury, Connecticut, we strive to protect your wealth and your freedom with our experience. When you come to our firm seeking tax advice, you will get a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of tax law — evidenced by a proven record of results in Collection Due Process appeals.

The IRS’ collection practices are confusing and very stressful. Do not handle these matters by yourself. An experienced tax attorney can help to protect your rights and your assets. Contact Fred L. Baker at 203-648-4737.

There are strict guidelines and procedures that must be followed in the Collection Due Process appeal process. Failure to comply with these rules will likely result in the denial of your appeal. At the Baker Law Office, P.C., we are proud to have a tax attorney with more than 45 years of tax experience guiding our clients through the appeal process. Fred L. Baker has appealed countless Collection Due Process matters and has built a proven record of results.

Experience Matters

The Baker Law Firm, P.C. represents individuals and businesses throughout Connecticut. Contact Danbury Collection Due Process appeals attorney Fred L. Baker at 203-648-4737 to arrange a confidential consultation about your tax issues.