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Installment Agreements And Your Tax Debt

If you cannot afford to pay your tax debt in a lump sum, installment plans can be a workable solution to dealing with this burden. Through an installment agreement, you may be able to satisfy tax, interest and penalty obligations over time by making monthly payments. However, establishing an installment plan with the IRS can be complex. You will want an installment plan you can actually afford to pay.

An established installment agreement stops all collection activities, such as wage garnishment/liens, levies, and property seizures. As long as you are current on your installment plan payments, the IRS will not use its extensive resources against you.

Protecting You With Our Experience

At the Baker Law Firm, P.C., in Danbury, Connecticut, we strive to protect your wealth and your freedom with our experience. Attorney Fred L. Baker has a proven record of results in negotiations with the IRS. He is a former trial attorney for the Internal Revenue Service’s Office of Chief Counsel in New York City. His former experience as a trial attorney for the IRS means that he knows what the IRS is looking for. His comprehensive experience on both sides of tax liability cases allows him to effectively negotiate on your behalf. In every case, our goal is to negotiate an installment agreement that you can live with.

Experience Matters

The Baker Law Firm, P.C. serves individuals and businesses throughout Connecticut. Contact Danbury installment agreement attorney Fred L. Baker at 203-648-4737 to arrange a confidential consultation about your tax issues.