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How often do sales tax returns have to be filed?

Business owners in Connecticut and elsewhere have a duty to collect taxes on non-exempt items that they sell, regardless if they run their businesses from brick-and-mortar stores or online. This sales tax ultimately needs to be passed on to the state, either monthly, quarterly or annually. How will one know how often sales tax returns have to be filed?

New year, new sales tax laws

It's a new year, and that means the state of Connecticut has new laws that have gone into effect. For instance, changes were made to sales tax laws. These adjustments could hurt some people if they fail to pay or collect sales tax properly. What are these changes?

Sales tax issues hitting online sellers

A small business owner in another state -- who focuses on selling products online through Amazon -- recently received a tax bill that has turned his whole world upside down. He supposedly owes roughly $1.6 million in sales tax to the state of California because his product was stored at a facility there. He is currently fighting the matter, as he claims the storage location of his items was not made known to him, so it is unclear how his story will end. His experience, though, can serve as a cautionary tale for Connecticut residents who are also online sellers.

A bit about use tax and how it affects business owners

In Connecticut, business owners have to pay various taxes to the state. Failure to pay all applicable taxes can have significant consequences. There is one type of tax that some may not understand or think applies to them, and that is use tax. This week, this column will discuss a bit about use tax and how it varies from sales tax. 

Lawmakers considering change to how sales tax is collected

Business owners in Connecticut have a lot that they have to worry about when it comes to taxes. Lawmakers are considering a change that will give them even more to stress over. According to a recent article, there is a bill currently under review that includes a provision for real-time sales tax collection. How would that work and at what cost?

How to get through a sales tax audit

Connecticut residents who have to collect taxes on items that they sell may find tax season a bit of a nightmare. Sales tax rules can be complicated and are often changing. This means that, despite one's best efforts, one might be picked for an audit at some point. Here are some things that can help one through a sales tax audit.

Are sales tax changes coming to Connecticut?

Lawmakers in Connecticut are trying to decide if they should increase taxes on certain products that are for sale in the state. Sales tax laws are frequently changing, so this is not an out-of-the-blue thing. It is something that business owners and residents need to follow, though, because if changes are made, they need to adjust how much they collect or pay on these items.

Connecticut sales tax how to's

Business owners in Connecticut have a lot of responsibilities. Dealing with sales tax is one of them. Connecticut is, after all, of the many states that require sales tax be collected, reported and paid on all taxable products and services.

Connecticut new online sales tax law take effect Dec. 1

Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision that will affect those who sell products online. Online retailers are now required to pay sales taxes to the states in which they do business, whether or not they have a physical presence in those states. Connecticut was ahead of the game on this, as the governor had already signed a bill into law requiring online business owners who sell more than $250,000 in products or services to pay sales tax. The Connecticut-specific sales tax law takes effect Dec. 1.

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