What to do if the IRS comes calling

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2019 | Tax Audits

A typical day can quickly take a negative turn just by looking into one’s mailbox. The Internal Revenue Service, if it sees an issue with one’s tax return, makes contact via mail. The letter received will give one vital information about the potential problem, or the amount allegedly owed, and who to contact about it. Some people may choose to just pay and be done with the whole thing, while other Connecticut residents may want to question the IRS. Thankfully, those who wish to do the latter do not have to do it alone.

When the IRS says a person owes money and that individual lacks the funds to meet his or her obligation, he or she may have payment options to help relieve the burden. Not everyone can pay a massive tax bill upfront. There are different programs that one might qualify for that would allow one to make smaller payments overtime — payments that fit within one’s available budget.

Those who feel that a mistake has been made, either by themselves or their tax preparers, may attempt to find the error and amend their return. This may lower the amount owed. If the IRS made a mistake, digging through tax documents may bring information to light that can help one negotiate how much, if anything, one has to pay.

Speaking with the IRS, either in person or over the phone, can be intimidating and overwhelming. An experienced tax attorney can prove an extremely valuable asset to have in one’s corner at such a time. With the right assistance, it is possible for Connecticut residents to deal with their tax concerns in ways that best suits their interests.