Not everyone goes to jail for tax crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Tax Crimes

Connecticut residents who have allegedly committed questionable tax moves may worry about what may be coming their way. The state and federal governments are not afraid to throw people in jail for certain tax crimes. Those facing allegations of committing tax crimes can help themselves by seeking legal counsel as soon as possible.

When accused of committing a tax crime, one might worry about any potential consequences of a conviction — such as jail time, as mentioned above. The truth is, not everyone goes to jail for tax crimes. This was clearly seen in a case involving a mayor in another state.

According to a recent report, the individual in question was accused of tax evasion, making false statements and false swearing — among various other things. He was able to reach a plea deal in his tax crimes case that would allow him to avoid prison. He admitted no wrongdoing, but he agreed to accept house arrest, probation and will pay a total of $40,000 in delinquent taxes. He also resigned from his job as mayor.

Connecticut residents who are accused of committing tax crimes can turn to legal counsel for case reviews. With assistance, one will be able to determine what course of action would best benefit his or her situation — sometimes fighting the matter in or out of court will be the right thing do, and sometimes negotiating with prosecuting attorneys in order to pursue a plea deal is the right move. It is impossible to know the gravity of the situation and how it may affect one’s life until a full investigation into the matter is launched.