Connecticut tax crimes: filing bogus returns doesn’t pay

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Sales Tax

When tax season rolls around, it can be tempting to be a little dishonest in the hopes of avoiding paying an arm and a leg in taxes. However, lying on tax returns or filing bogus returns are tax crimes. Those in Connecticut and elsewhere who are caught doing either of these things could face some serious penalties.

Recently, in another state, a judge ruled in a case involving the tax returns of a couple and their business. They are said to have under-reported their income, filed false sales tax returns and filed bogus joint returns for years. Investigators say, as a result of these actions, the couple embezzled over $170,000 in sales tax alone. They also did not report over $2 million in earnings.

The couple pleaded guilty to the charges against them. They have been ordered to pay just short of $1 million in restitution. They will be allowed to do this in monthly payments of $7,500. They also have to serve probation for the embezzlement for a total of five years.

The state and federal government does not take tax crimes of any kind lightly. The punishments can be severe. Those in Connecticut who are accused of committing tax crimes can help themselves by seeking assistance from an experienced tax law attorney as soon as possible. With legal counsel at one’s side, one can take all of the necessary steps to fight for the best possible outcome — whether that means fighting for a case dismissal or seeking to minimize the consequences tied to a tax crimes conviction.

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