Get help appealing tax audits

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Tax Audits

It happened. You got the letter that everyone hopes never to see. You have been picked by the Internal Revenue Service for an audit. Tax audits can be a scary thing, and when all is said and done, you may not agree with your investigator’s final decision. Connecticut residents can seek help in appealing such decisions.

No one wants to pay Uncle Sam more than they have to pay. Still, the vast majority of people do their best to complete their taxes honestly. When the letter from the IRS comes, saying you’ve been picked for an audit, a list of potential errors may pop into your mind, or you may be completely confused by why this is happening to you.

The truth is, the IRS may flag tax returns for audits that have nothing wrong with them. Then there are those that have issues big or small. When it happens to you, all you can do is supply the requested information and wait. After working with your IRS investigator, if he or she comes back, saying you owe more in taxes due to an error being found, you have two options: pay up or fight.

Appealing tax audits can be simple and complex all at the same time. The process of filing an appeal is fairly easy, but presenting your case and defending yourself may be a bit difficult. Thankfully, this is not something through which you must go alone. Whether you reside in Connecticut or elsewhere, you have the right to have legal counsel assist you through the audit and appeals processes. To learn how having an attorney at your side can prove beneficial, please feel free to visit our firm’s website.