Helping taxpayers avoid IRS fines and penalties

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2015 | Tax Crimes

Among many in the business and political spheres, the U.S. tax code is regarded as somewhat of a cruel joke. This past April, the Washington Examiner reported that the U.S. tax code currently includes a mind-boggling 74,608 pages, a length that is nearly three times the length the tax code was just 20 years ago.

Given the length and complexity of today’s tax laws and regulations, it’s no wonder that many people encounter challenges when attempting to ensure they are compliant in tax-related matters. Adding to the confusion are the numerous and ever-changing regulatory rules that are created and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service.

While it’s easy to understand why people make mistakes on their taxes, the IRS is unrelenting in its assessment and enforcement of tax-related errors. For these reasons, individual taxpayers and business owners who encounter tax problems are advised to contact a legal professional who specializes in IRS tax cases.

An attorney can assist individuals who have questions and concerns about an impending IRS audit as well as those who wish to attempt to rectify past tax mistakes. Additionally, an attorney can assist individuals who may be facing criminal charges due to allegations of tax evasion or fraud.

When it comes to the IRS and tax disputes, the stakes are often high and include hefty fines and even possible time behind bars. For Danbury area residents, the tax attorneys at Baker Law Firm have extensive knowledge of numerous tax-related issues and will take steps to resolve tax disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.