IRS cases involving allegations of tax fraud and tax evasion often complex

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2015 | Tax Crimes

No one enjoys paying taxes or dealing with the dreaded Internal Revenue Service. To make the process less painful, some individuals may seek the advice of a tax professional or accountant and others may take matters into their own hands. While there are ways to legally lower one’s tax liabilities, the IRS may consider some practices to be questionable or even illegal.

Individuals or business owners who are currently or fear they may be the topic of an IRS investigation from which criminal tax evasion or tax fraud charges result, would be wise to immediately seek the advice and assistance of a tax attorney. If convicted of a federal IRS crime, an individual is likely to pay hefty fines and serve time in prison.

When it comes to selecting an attorney to defend against tax fraud or tax evasion charges, it’s important to select an attorney who has successfully defended against and negotiated favorable judgments in these types of cases. IRS tax cases are often especially complex and there may be a number of valid reasons as to why an individual or business owner did or did not do something.

For example, in some cases a tax preparer may have erred or been guilty of committing acts of tax evasion or fraud in an attempt to steal from unsuspecting clients. In other cases, an individual may have inadvertently made errors or may have failed to understand certain intricate and complex tax codes. Whatever the case may be, an attorney will work to win a dismissal or judgment that is in an individual’s best interest. The tax attorneys at Baker Law Firm help Connecticut residents resolve tax law matters.